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UVDI Indoor Air Quality

UVDI Celebrates Innovation with New Company Tagline

Always Innovate, the new tagline for UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI), clearly emphasizes the company’s mission to continually develop and improve leading technology solutions for their global clientele. The new tagline coincides with the company’s 20th anniversary and highlights a long history of technical leadership in the fields of ultraviolet disinfection and molecular filtration.

UVDI is one of the oldest and most respected ultraviolet germicidal disinfection (UVGI) companies in the world. “As a company that has innovation in our DNA, Always Innovate was the perfect tagline to express to the industry what we are all about,” reported Richard Hayes, President of UVDI. “By taking proven technologies to new levels, UVDI has emerged as a true innovator within the ultraviolet disinfection and molecular filtration industries,” he continued.

The original vision for UltraViolet Devices in 1992 included creating an organization with world class innovative business and quality systems. To this end, UVDI achieved ISO certification within just three years of the company’s founding. Manufacturing at UVDI is based on demand flow technology and the company uses lean manufacturing skills and continuous improvement processes. In 2005, UVDI embraced ASQ Six Sigma training and the organization certified numerous team members as Black Belts and Green Belts. UVDI’s quality and innovation has earned recognition as a preferred supplier status to many customers as well as numerous community awards.

In addition to UVDI’s innovative manufacturing and quality processes, the company’s research, development and engineering leadership has long been recognized throughout the industry. All new products developed at UVDI are the result of a formalized voice-of-the-customer process. UVDI is adept at new product development and utilizes state of the art solid modeling software and in-house rapid prototyping to efficiently bring new products to market.


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