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UVDI Indoor Air Quality

UVDI Celebrates 20 Years of Service and Innovation

UVDI is one of the oldest and most respected ultraviolet germicidal disinfection (UVGI) companies in the industry. The company has an impressive pedigree and it all began with the hard work and ingenuity of one man.

Three generations ago, Louis Veloz was an engineer for Westinghouse when its R&D engineers developed and patented the first commercial ultraviolet lamps. Mr. Veloz was intrigued by this new technology and in 1949 purchased a Westinghouse UV lamp dealership. Forty-three years later, UltraViolet Devices Inc. was founded by Tom Veloz, the son of Louis. At the time, Tom was the successful owner and CEO of Aquafine, a commercial water UV manufacturing company.

“UVDI was founded by my father in 1992 with a vision to become a world class designer and manufacturer of ultraviolet products,” commented Peter Veloz, CEO and Chairman of UVDI and third generation co-owner along with his brother David. “Pursuing that vision for over twenty years my father Tom, and now my brother David and I, have guided UVDI’s growth into an international supplier of UVGI technology and products and have also diversified the business into activated carbon filtration. Today, UVDI provides sustainable, green, energy saving and healthy solutions in many applications that benefit millions of people around the globe,” he continued.

UVDI’s 20 years of success is built upon the commitment of employees, partnership of customers and the dedication of stakeholders. The company looks forward to future milestones as UVDI continues to prosper and grow.


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