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UVDI Indoor Air Quality

UVDI’s Innovation and Success Highlighted in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Recently, UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) was contacted by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal about publishing a business journal article regarding the technology driven company’s success.

“Clean Machines” was published on July 23rd and discusses how the Valencia-based company develops technologies to eliminate harmful microorganisms in healthcare environments.  Mark Madler, the article’s author, interviewed Peter Veloz from UVDI.  Mr. Veloz is the CEO and Co-Chairman of UVDI and is a third generation family member dedicated to developing disinfection technologies that utilize ultraviolet (UV) energy.

Although UVDI manufacturers molecular filtration products and UV-C products for residential, commercial and institutional environments, the focus of this article was on UVDI’s development of new products for the healthcare industry.  In recent years, UV energy has been increasingly used by the healthcare industry to battle microbial pathogens and infectious agents such as MRSA and C. diff.

“UV light has this amazing ability to deactivate single cell organisms on contact,” reported Mr. Veloz.  “We believe hospitals need a two-prong approach of disinfecting the air stream and surfaces.”

One of UVDI’s newest tools in the battle to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs) received special recognition in the article.  The V-360° Room Sanitizer, designed and manufactured by UVDI, has recently been installed in numerous hospitals across the nation.  A mobile device that is moved from room to room, the V-360° is designed to provide a measured dose of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and can achieve 99% disinfection of target surfaces in minutes.

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