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UVDI Indoor Air Quality

Florida Hospital Selects UVDI to Supply Future UV-C System

Florida Hospital in Orlando

Florida Hospital has been providing healthcare services for more than 100 years.  They are one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare providers in Florida.  For many years, Florida Hospital has been on the cutting-edge of utilizing new technologies to ensure patients receive the highest levels of care and service.

With a 2,247-bed acute care medical facility and 7 campuses, Florida Hospital is always looking for ways to provide a better value and experience for their customers.  One technology utilized to do just that is ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI).

UVGI technologies installed in air handling units of the hospital’s HVAC system are designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), increase energy efficiency, reduce the impact on the environment, increase sustainability and improve O&M by maintaining building operating efficiencies.

Florida Hospital recently conducted an in-house project to test the effectiveness of UV-C products from four major manufacturers.  The ease of installation and service, lighting effectiveness and total cost of ownership were all analyzed.  Ben Fitzgerald, Florida Hospital’s Director of Energy Management & Control, reported after the analysis was completed that, “Moving forward we will be utilizing the UVDI standard intensity approach for applying UV-C in our Air Handling Units.”  This approach for microbial growth control on cooling coils is described in Chapter 60 of the 2011 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Applications.

Ross Shoemaker, UltraViolet Devices’ (UVDI) Southeastern Regional Sales Manager, responded, “We are elated with the results of Florida Hospital’s analysis of UV-C systems.  The total cost of ownership for UVDI’s UV-C system proved to be less than half that of the other manufacturers evaluated.  This is a powerful endorsement of UVDI’s overall strategy of optimum UV-C intensity and dosage.”



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