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International School of Beijing Installs Air Cleaning Equipment Designed and Manufactured in California

Air pollution in major cities across China is so bad that health concerns have caused many schools in the affected areas to regularly cancel outdoor activities, including recess and sporting events.

The International School of Beijing (ISB), situated in the Shunyi District of Beijing, is no exception. The ISB is comprised of a 50,000 square meter school building on a large campus that serves approximately 1900 students from around the world.

ISB has taken a proactive approach to these air quality problems that impact their students, athletes and faculty.  Like many affluent schools in heavily polluted Chinese cities, ISB has built what are being called “pollution domes” by the media.  These domes create a giant pressured enclosed space over sports fields and athletic areas.

The sports dome at ISB was recently installed with air cleaning technology from UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI).  UVDI, based in the greater Los Angeles area, designed a custom dual-stage particulate and activated carbon filter system for the domed sports complex.   UVDI’s air cleaning system targets PM2.5 contamination and harmful outdoor gaseous pollutants including ozone, to keep the Chinese Air Quality Index (AQI) below 50 at all times.

“The system has been a huge success,” reported Ashish Mathur, Ph.D., UVDI’s Director of Technology.  “We were told that last year the ISB’s students could not go outside for recess or physical education due to the severe air pollution during 39 of the 180 school days.  With UVDI’s system in place, the sports dome will always provide a clean air environment for physical activities.”

Other schools across China have taken notice as has the international media.  Just last month, the Chinese edition of the New York Times published a report about the air cleaning technology.  Several days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported on the anti-pollution domes and UVDI’s air filtration and disinfection systems that make the domes such a success.  Click Here For Full LA Times Article


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