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BPS Carbon Filter

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BPS panels are used extensively for odor removal filters and VOC removal. With the exceptionally low particle shedding characteristics and high performance, the bonded carbon panels require no downstream filters as with loose fill carbon trays or honeycomb style disposable filters. This makes BPS ideally suited for applications ranging from air make- up units in high purity environments to general HVAC.

BPS - BONDED PARTICULATE STRUCTURE, is a process that entails binding activated carbon or other suitable adsorbent or catalyst into a monolithic structure while maintaining a very high level of open pore structure. No post activation of the carbon is required after bonding as the adsorption properties, i.e. BET surface area, pore size distribution, and butane/CTC activity remain essentially the same.

Conventional bonding methods often suffer from one or more serious drawbacks such as: loss of surface area, corrupted pore distribution, lower adsorptive capacity, or high manufacturing costs.  In the case of plugging pores, conventional methods have a tendency to plug the desirable micro pore and leave the less desirable macro pore. BPS Technology maintains this important pore geometry, thus preserving the adsorptive capacity of the selected activated carbon.

Tests show less than 2% reduction in the volume as measured by BET. ??Test results show comparable single pass efficiency or breakthrough between loose granular carbon or bonded carbon when challenged side by side.


Cleanliness is unmatched. The elimination of dust and carbon fines is a huge advantage. This is particularly critical for cleanrooms, hospitals, paint booths and other high-purity applications.? ?

Higher efficiency.  Both settling and particle attrition allow for bypass of the contaminated air.  Since the carbon is “locked” in place in this odor removal filter, it will not settle as in loose fill trays and common honeycomb carbon filters. ? 

?More economical.  Because the filters are disposable, there is no need for a duplicate set of refillable panels.  Extra freight and handling are eliminated.  The panels are easy to install and cleaner, thus eliminating costly housekeeping after servicing.

Particulate Filtration: The panels come with a high loft, non-woven polyester pre– and post filter pads. Other materials available upon request.
Gasketing: Filters available with neoprene gasket on one edge. If additional gasketing required please specify quantity and location.
Frame Material: Standard frame material is galvanized steel. Stainless steel and aluminum available upon request.
Activated Carbon: High quality, coconut shell with superior pore size distribution specifically selected for its wide adsorptive capacity.
Packaging: The panels are packed in a protective plastic bag and a specially designed corrugated carton to prevent possible damage during transport. The cartons are then palletized, stretch wrapped and banded. Engineered ocean container and truck load packaging available.