Mr. David Heidel will drive market growth and penetration of UVDI’s airside ultraviolet and molecular filtration technologies.

UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI), a leading provider of ultraviolet (UV) technology for disinfection and energy reduction, and molecular filtration technologies, is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. David Heidel as their Director, Airside Sales and Marketing.

In his new position, Mr. Heidel is responsible for UVDI sales, business objectives and marketing strategies for the company’s Airside Division which is primarily focused on the HVAC industry. He is charged with growing UVDI’s position as a solutions leader in North America and expanding international markets.

Mr. Heidel has extensive experience in technology driven industries as an innovative and customer-focused sales and marketing professional. He received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Missouri State University and a Certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. Most recently, Mr. Heidel served as Marketing Manager and Director of Business Development for AeroVironment, Inc.; a leading manufacturer of Un-manned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Electric Vehicle battery charging and test systems. Prior experience in the HVAC industry include sales, marketing and product management positions at Eaton Corporation and Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Capstone Microturbine,

“David’s expertise and executive leadership skills will benefit UVDI’s tactical and strategic vision for the Airside OEM and distribution channels as he leads a best in class sales organization,” said Richard Hayes, President of UVDI. “He provides UVDI with sales and marketing management skills to develop new business with existing customers as well as creating new customers and markets. These efforts will further UVDI’s position as industry leaders in the UV-C and advanced filtration industries. David’s past experiences in industries driven by innovation and technology have prepared him well to be a tremendous asset to UVDI, our customers and the industries we serve.”