Celebrating International Infection Prevention Week 2023


Honoring All Infection Preventionists

October 15-21, 2023 is International Infection Prevention Week. This week – and every week – UVDI is proud to recognize, support and thank Infection Preventionists around the world for all you do to keep patients, staff and all of us safe while we are in Healthcare facilities.

  • As a proud APIC Strategic Partner, UVDI is committed to supporting Infection Preventionists with multiple resources:
  • Evidence-based products with independently proven efficacy at real-world times and distances. IPs and all Healthcare professionals deserve objective, independent proof that UV disinfection products perform as claimed.
  • Continuing Education Learning and Leadership training. UVDI currently has several upcoming webinars – and a robust on-demand library – offering free CE Credits for Infection Preventionists and other Healthcare professionals.
  • Wellbeing resources dedicated to IPs and Healthcare Professionals. UVDI was a founding sponsor of APIC’s Wellbeing 360 program
    providing free mental health, mindfulness and wellbeing resources. We encourage all Infection Preventionists to access these free resources.
  • Scholarship grant programs to provide financial support to Infection Preventionists in order to attend the APIC Annual Conference, held in June each year. In the past two years, UVDI has provided over $10,000 in grants to deserving Infection Preventionists. We plan to do so again in 2024 – watch this space for more details in the new year!
  • APIC Strategic Partnership. UVDI has been an APIC Strategic Partner since 2022. Being an APIC Strategic Partner provides much-needed financial support to APIC and key IPC programming and resources.

Happy International Infection Prevention week to all Infection Preventionists across the globe!

THANK YOU for all you do.