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Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge about the UV in Healthcare.


1. DNA and RNA of microorganisms exhibit peak absorptions at which wavelengths?

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2. How does UV-C inactivate microorganisms?

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3. UV-C devices are safe for use in occupied spaces.

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4. Portable UV-C devices are typically used in hospitals to treat surfaces and objects to achieve high levels of:

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5. Low pressure mercury lamps which emit wavelengths at 253.7 nm can produce harmful ozone.

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6. Effectiveness of UV-C depends on which of the following factors?

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7. UV-C susceptibility is the same for all microorganisms?

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8. A single placement of a UV device can disinfect all areas of a room as effectively as multiple placements in a room.

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9. The use of UV-C disinfection devices can be used to replace traditional methods of cleaning a room with chemical disinfectants.

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10. UV-C can cause severe degradation to most materials by penetrating deep into the body of the material.

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