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Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge about Air Purification & Disinfection Basics.

1. Activated carbon filters effectively remove gaseous contamination by the following mechanism:

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2. Activated carbon is considered as a universal adsorbent material due to its:

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3. The most effective raw material for activated carbon to remove gases is:

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4. When the gas molecules are trapped inside the pores of the activated carbon due to their size, the process is called:

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5. When gas molecules react with the chemicals impregnated inside the activated carbon, the process is called:

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6. Activated carbon filters are effective in removing which of the following:

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7. Photocatalytic oxidation is an effective technology to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors.

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8. A photocatalyst can be activated by light with the following wavelengths:

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9. The photocatalyst process typically converts VOCs into which of the following compounds:

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10. Photocatalytic oxidation is effective due to:

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