Activated Carbon Air Purification

Versatile solutions to reduce pollutants, odors and VOCs

BPS Lite

Efficient, Odor and Air Pollutant Removal

BPS Lite

High Performance Low Mass (HPLM) filters for commercial HVAC solutions

BPS Bonded

Premium Air Contaminant Removal

BPS Bonded Activated Carbon Filters

Highly adsorptive filters to remove air pollutants in Hospitality, Airports, Healthcare and more

HMB V-Bank

Complete Air Purification and Odor Removal

HMB V-Bank Filters

High Mass Bonded filters for commercial and industrial environments

DM Single V-Module

Advanced Air and Chemical Filtration

BPS DM Single V-Module

Activated carbon disposable modules (DM)


Airborne Contaminant, Toxic Gas and Odor Removal

High Efficiency V-Bank Gas Adsorber Series

Designed for use in outdoor and manufacturing facilities