Sewage Facility

BPS DM Single V-Module

Advanced chemical air filtration for a variety of applications


How it Works

  • Activated carbon disposable modules (DM) are compact single v-modules designed to efficiently remove a wide range of odors and common airborne pollutants.
  • The panels are sealed to a frame and end capped to prevent bypass through the module.


  • Utilizing a patented bonding technique, the carbon maintains its high adsorptive properties and exhibits many advantages over loose carbon-filled filters.
  • High mass carbon content for long life; no loss of efficiency due to settling or by-pass
  • Antimicrobial high-loft, non-woven polyester “pre” and “post” filtration

Use and Installation

  • Designed for use in most side and front access housings.
  • Various impregnations are offered to target specific contaminant gases. 
  • Superior gas phase roughing filter for high concentration high efficiency applications
  • Designed for use in: HVAC recirculation systems, make-up air and corrosion control, sewage treatment facilities, trash transfer stations and waste energy generation plans
Filter Specifications
Nominal SizeFlow RatedResistanceCarbon Weight
per Filter
24" x 18" x 6" 500 CFM0.4" w.g.20 lbs.
12" x 18" x 6"250 CFM0.4" w.g.6 lbs.

Environmental Sustainability

Cleaner and easier to use than loose trays or honeycomb panels – no dusting or carbon fines.

Filter Type
Activated carbon disposable modules (DM) are compact single v-modules.

General Description
Filter is designed for total-retention gaseous contamination control.

Filter is constructed of two bonded carbon panels arranged in a DM configuration and enclosed in an all galvanized steel frame so that the module contains no loose carbon. The individual panels have non-woven polyester "pre" and "post" filter media attached. The panels and the polyester are sealed to the frame and the end cap so as to prevent by-pass through the module.

The activated carbon has a minimum activity of 60% CTC per the ASTM-D-3467 test method. The binder will not decrease the pore volume by more than 2% as measured by BET.

UL 900 classified filters available.