High Efficiency Gas Adsorber Series

Airborne contaminant, toxic gas and odor removal for outdoor and manufacturing facilities


How it Works

  • Constructed of multiple panels of activated carbon pleated media arranged in a “V” configuration and secured in a metal frame


  • Designed to efficiently remove a wide range of low concentration contaminants found in outdoor air as well as fugitive toxic gases and odors found in manufacturing facilities
  • High efficiency removal of airborne molecular contamination in recirculation and make-up air systems

Environmental Sustainability

  • Cleaner and easier to use than loose trays or honeycomb panels – no dusting or carbon fines

Use and Installation

  • Configured in a variety of sizes that will easily fit into existing HVAC units and air handlers
  • Filters can be either forward or reverse mounted without performance loss
  • Various impregnations are offered to target specific contaminant gases
  • Disposable and simple-to-install
  • Designed for use in: HVAC recirculation systems, make-up air and corrosion control, sewage treatment facilities, trash transfer stations and waste energy generation plans
Filter Specifications
Nomimal SizeInitial Resistance
@250 fpm
Initial Resistance
@500 fpm
Media Area
per Filter
Carbon Weight
per Filter
24" x 24" x 12".17" w.g..36" w.g.65 FT29 lbs.
20" x 24" x 12".19" w.g..39" w.g.50 FT27 lbs.
12" x 24" x 12" .22" w.g..43" w.g.25 FT23.5 lbs.

Filter Type
Disposable bonded activated carbon multi-panel V-Bank filter.

General Description
Disposable bonded activated carbon multi-panel V-Bank filter.

Filter is constructed of multiple, 1" thick non-woven pleated granular sorbent panels that are arranged in a multi-panel “V” configuration and enclosed in a (galvanized steel; aluminum, stainless steel, non-metallic incinerable) frame with a header. The individual panels are fully sealed with a phosphate-free urethane sealant to prevent bypass of contaminated air. For sorbent media utilizing activated carbon, the carbon has a carbon tetrachloride activity no less than 75% as measured by ASTM D3467 test method.


The non-woven sorbent media contains virgin sorbent no larger than 20 US mesh that is bonded directly to the fiber without the use of any type of adhesive in order to maintain the original properties of the unbonded sorbent. The filter is constructed in such a way as to provide an essentially dust-free operation.

UL 900 classified filters available.