Powerful UV-C Coil Cleaning

  • Destroys bacteria and mold that thrives in the moist coil environment
  • Helps maintain healthy air supply
  • Improves temperature and humidity control
  • Provides energy savings
  • Eliminates costly coil cleaning maintenance and reduces system downtime

Versatile UV-C Coil Cleaning Solutions

A complete range of proven UV-C coil cleaning solutions for broad commercial and industrial application in retrofit or new construction installations

V-MAX Grid for Coil

Medium to Large Air Handling Units (AHU)

V-MAX Grid Coil Cleaning

Simple installation with ballasts housed inside of struts

V-MAX for Coil

Designed for In-Duct Use

V-MAX Coil Cleaning

Expanded installation options with individual ballast enclosures

V-MOD for Coil

Modular Design for a Range of Air Handling Units

V-MOD® Coil Cleaning

Proven UV-C effectiveness in a flexible form factor

Benefits of Coil Cleaning

Healthy Air Supply
UV energy destroys bacteria and mold that grow on the moist coil and drain pan surfaces eliminating “blow-off” of these into the air supply. This ensures that clean airflow is cooled by the coil without cross contamination.

Better Comfort
Coil disinfection prevents biofilm accumulation on fins resulting in effective heat transfer with better temperature and humidity control.

Energy Savings
Maintaining a coil free of microbial growth will maximize coil heat transfer efficiency and reduce energy consumption up to 15% in some systems.

Reduced Maintenance Cost and Less Downtime
UV energy ensures the cooling coil remains clean at all times, eliminating costly coil cleaning maintenance and reducing system downtime.

UV coil systems are typically installed downstream of the evaporator coil to destroy bacteria, mold, and organic matter that grows and collects on cooling coils and surrounding areas.

Clogged Coil

UV Destroys Biofilm

UV Destroys Biofilm on Coil

Clogged Coil

Clean Coil - Post UV

Clean Coil - Post UV