uvdi logo

A New Brandmark for the Next 70 Years and Beyond of Protecting Public Health

UVDI's Mission is to make a cleaner, safer, and healthier world through advanced ultraviolet technology that cleans and disinfects the air and surfaces in the environments we live, work, and play in. To do so, UVDI designs and manufactures advanced Ultraviolet light solutions in California, devoting over 70 years of UV expertise into proven UV technology and next-generation innovation.

To compellingly reflect our purpose to protect Public Health with a dedicated commitment to UV technology and innovation for the next 70 years and beyond, we are proud to introduce a new UVDI logo today.   

The simple icon represents multiple elements of UVDI's company, brand and product purpose:

    • The dynamic wavelength visualizes invisible germicidal UV light


    • A DNA strain illustrating how germicidal UV light inactivates microorganisms by disrupting their DNA


    • Last, the fluidity of the icon serves as a bridge connecting our deep UV technology heritage with our current and future purpose



Our new logo is a dynamic symbol of our enduring commitment to protect Public Health with proven UV technology and innovation. We are proud of our heritage and roots which date back to my grandfather Louis Veloz and 1949 and energized to expand our impact today and in years ahead.


The Future is Bright,


Peter Veloz