Performance by Design

UVDI ultraviolet technology is carefully designed and tested to excel in the toughest environments.

4 UV-C Lights

Performance by Design: The UVDI Promise

UVDI’s advanced Ultraviolet technology is borne out of over 70 years of UV-C expertise and a deep dedication to product design, engineering and rigorous quality standards. Every product that bears the UVDI name is made with best-in-class components from select suppliers, then designed and meticulously tested prior to assembly for optimal performance.

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UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

UV-C Lamp Life Validated for Real-World Performance

Every UVDI UV-C lamp is tested prior to assembly to confirm lamp life corresponding to use in practice. The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer’s recommended lamp life of 4,000 hours has been carefully tested to reflect realistic cyclic use. The UV-C lamps used in our Indoor Air Quality products are recommended for 9,000 hours based on testing

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UVDI Indoor Air Quality UV-C Lamps

Protecting Our Greatest Asset

UVDI is proud to provide polymer-encapsulated lamps to contain glass in case of breakage - protecting the UV-C lamps and protecting our users.

Tested. Again. And Again. And Again.

Each and every UVDI UV-C lamp is serial-coded for tracking and is rigorously tested prior to assembly to ensure superior quality output.

UV-C Testing Lamp Chamber

UV Lamp Testing Chamber

HVAC Duct System Product Testing

HVAC Duct System for Testing Products

Intensity Field Model

UVDI's Proprietary Engineering Modeling Software