Proven V-PAC® Air Purification


  • Air purification and contaminant removal
  • Reduction of smoke and odors with advanced PCO technology
  • Continuously improved indoor air flow for better air movement

Installation Outside HVAC System


Performance and flexibility

V-PAC System

Installation in the Air Handling Unit

V-PAC® System

Large commercial systems

Benefits of Air Purification

Positive Impact on Occupant Health
Removes interior and exterior gaseous pollution sources such as tobacco smoke, cleaning solvents, off-gassing from building materials, human metabolic by-products, vehicle exhaust, paint fumes, jet fumes, manufacturing process emissions, and agriculture process emissions that cause illnesses.

Chemical-free and, unlike other air purification technologies, does not produce ozone.

Saves Energy
Reduces make-up air requirements for dilution and has low power consumption.