We design and make innovative Ultraviolet technology to clean the air and surfaces where we work, live and play.

3 Generations of UV-C for Good

Peter Veloz, UVDI CEO
UVDI is proudly family-owned and led by 3rd generation CEO Peter Veloz

Inspired by Louis (Lou) Veloz, a UV-C pioneer, founded by Tom Veloz in 1992 and led today by 3rd generation CEO Peter Veloz, Ultraviolet Devices, Inc, (UVDI) designs and manufactures advanced Ultraviolet (UV) air and surface disinfection technology in Valencia, California.

The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer is used in over 1,100 hospitals globally to inactivate high-risk, antibiotic-resistant microorganisms from surfaces.    Our newest surface disinfection product, the UVDI-GO™ UV LED Surface Sanitizer is designed for rapid, on-the-go disinfection of high-touch, shared surfaces and equipment in 20 seconds or less from 4" away.

Our UV-C Indoor Air Quality technology is installed in healthcare systems, schools, airports, office spaces - nearly 10,000 commercial facilities worldwide - for cleaner, healthier air.

Today, UVDI’s quality management systems and environmental management systems are certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards. UVDI is a proud Minority Business Enterprise.

Established in 1992. Innovating Always.

UVDI was founded in 1992, when Peter's father, Tom Veloz, created a state-of-the-art company to expand into consumer water disinfection. In the years to come, millions of UVDI point-of-use systems would be sold worldwide.

In 2000, UVDI launched our first UV air disinfection products for better Indoor Air Quality in commercial environments. In 2006, UVDI expanded our Indoor Air Quality footprint by acquiring Sparks Technology, making UVDI the exclusive manufacturer of Bonded Particulate Structure (BPS) technology.  UVDI’s UV-C Indoor Air Quality portfolio has expanded to include advanced UV-C technology for coil cleaning, air purification and air disinfection.

In 2012, UVDI launched one of the first UV room disinfection devices – the V-360® – to help hospitals address the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms on surfaces. In 2014, UVDI entered into a fruitful six-year commercial partnership with Clorox Healthcare to market and sell the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer in the United States. Today, the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer’s effectiveness has been demonstrated in independent clinical and laboratory studies by leading international Healthcare researchers and is used in 28 countries.

LAX airport
UVDI Indoor Air Quality technology installed at LA International Airport

Pioneering UV-C Innovation Since 1949.

Louis Veloz & Tom Veloz
Lou and Tom Veloz

Innovation is in our DNA. UVDI's passion for and expertise in UV-C technology for cleaner environments began with Peter's grandfather, Louis (Lou) Veloz. Lou worked as an engineer for Westinghouse when it developed and patented the first commercially available ultraviolet lamps. Excited by UV technology's potential, Lou purchased a Westinghouse dealership in 1949 and moved his family to Southern California.

Committed to the application of next-generation UV technology for a broader impact on Public Health, Lou founded the Aquafine Corporation in 1949.

Aquafine’s initial focus was water disinfection; its first products were utilized by small businesses, from bread shops to meat packers and fish hatcheries. In the decades to follow, under the leadership of Lou, his son Tom and subsequently Peter’s Mother Roberta, Aquafine expanded into the pharmaceutical, beverage and semiconductor sectors worldwide. Today, Aquafine remains a dominant brand in the industrial water disinfection category.