CE Approved

V-MAX Advanced UV-C Air Disinfection

Proven to eliminate 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 in moving airstream testing

Proven V-PAC® Air Purification

Effective reduction of airborne viruses, bacteria, odors and VOCs

CE Approved

Powerful UV-C Coil Cleaning 

Energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable Indoor Air Quality

Activated Carbon Air Purification

Versatile solutions to reduce pollutants, odors and VOCs

+ Hours

UVDI Indoor Air Quality UV-C Lamps

UV-C Lamp Life Validated for Real-World Performance

Every UVDI UV-C lamp is tested prior to assembly to confirm lamp life corresponding to use in practice. The UV-C lamps used in our Indoor Quality products recommended for 9,000 hours based on testing to reflect realistic use.